The Team

Writer/Director: Mary Mazzio
Editor: Collin Cameron
Cinematography: Rebekah V. Michaels
Composer: Ruth Mendelson
Producers: Mary Mazzio, Theresa Mazzio and Eric Hamilton
Executive Producers: Jay Manson, Mary Mazzio, Paul Nace, RJ Casey, Noreen Breslin and Margie Sullivan
Assistant CamerapersonsTim Sweeney, Stephanie Ryan, Jamie Fitzpatrick, Erica Colgrove, Scott Crawford
Sound Recordist/Boom: Jim Petit, Theresa Mazzio
Production Support: Dana Isenberg, Matt Campbell
Production Assistant: Alison Segal
Launch Driver: Tom Darling
Baby/Dog Handler: Jay Manson
Audio Producer: D. David Porter
Sound Mixer: Christopher D. Anderson/Jim Sullivan
Sound Editors: Jim Sullivan, Tina Morris
Assistant Editor: Brad Johanson
Still Promotion & Titles: Frame Shop
Film Processing: DuArt Film and Video
Negative Cutting: Noelle Penraat
Transcription: Diane George
Legal Services: Paul J. Harnett, Jr. Esq., Christopher White Esq.
Accounting Services: David Heath
Graphic Design: Lib Delana and Maura Conron
Website Design/Poster: Maura Conron
Marketing Consultant: Kay Koplovitz
Public Relations: Sally Jackson, Joan Schneider, Susan Barrett
Development: Sheila Dennis, Allie Pendleton
Intern: Meghan Sullivan

Interviews and Appearances by: Amy Baltzell; Tom Beckett; Daphne Benas; Anne Boucher; Joe Bouscaren; Nat Case; Francine Chew; Julia Chilichi; Carm Cozza; Tom Darling; Anita DeFrantz; Shelagh Donohoe; Chris Ernst; Jeannette Ernst; Carol Feeney; Kevin Galie; Ginny Gilder; Suzi Gooch, Carie Graves; Charlie Haight; Holly Hatton; Molly Hoyle; Tony Johnson; Jennie Kiesling; Elizabeth Kelley; Sandy Kendall; Ruth Kennedy; Senator John Kerry; Liddy Manson; Cindy Matthes; Molly Meyer; Terry Paige; Cathy Pew; George Pew; Kelly Pierce; Caroline Reed; Lara Rubin; Maura Russell; C.B. Sands-Bohrer; Tom Taft; Andrea Thies; Dave Vogel; Anne Warner; Chris Wilson; Tim Wood; Sarah Wunsch

Major Funding Provided by: Welch’s and New Balance

Other Funding Provided by: CLIF bar; LUNA; Jay Manson and Mary Mazzio; Paul Richer; Tom Henry; Peter Bos and Sissel Cooper Bos; Sara Johnson; Lib Delana and Henry Fox; Boathouse Sports; Concept 2, Inc.; Paula Mazzio; Theresa Mazzio; Eric Hamilton and Lynda Radosevich; Women’s Sports Foundation; Mrs. Thorn Pendleton; Mount Holyoke Crew; Alan Hoffman and Sally Strawn; Doug and Eliza Burden; Life is Good Company; Ted Van Dusen and Composite Engineering Van Dusen Racing Boats; Ellen Brodsky and Ted Rybeck; Larry O’Toole and Gentle Giant Moving Company; Joe and Susan Collins; Titou P. Smith; Dave Randa; Lynnae Schwartz; Durham Boat Company; Carla Mazzio and Liz Mazzio; Jon and Tracy Smith; Chip and Cindy Matthes; Alice Delana; Melissa Merritt; Ruth Bernhardt; Kit Collins; JL Racing; Nike


We are deeply grateful to Welch’s and New Balance for providing major funding for this project. In addition, both Welch’s and New Balance generously underwrote the first educational initiative by gifting the educational version of the film (along with teaching materials) to 100 girls’ high schools and 100 Girl Scout Councils.

We also wish to thank Lenora Donovan and Kodak Film; Jim Billbrough and Talamas Company; John Rule and Rule Broadcast Inc.; Bob Hirsch, Pierre O’Halloran and High Output; Diane George, Henry Lee, Patti Stearns and Alan Hoffman; Steve Geller, M.J. Doherty and Boston University College of Communication; Cappy Productions; Redtree Productions; Matt Smith and F.I.S.A.; Panache Editorial; Sound Techniques; John Strotbeck and Boathouse Sports