Introducing “A Hero for Daisy”, a documentary film about two-time Olympian Chris Ernst who galvanized her rowing team to storm the Yale athletic director’s office in 1976 to protest the lack of locker room facilities for the women. In front of a reporter from the New York Times, the women stripped, exposing the phrase “Title IX” which was written in blue marker (Title IX referring to legislation enacted in 1972 which mandated gender equality for all institutions receiving federal aid.) The story was carried by all the major international news outlets the following day, and the Yale phones began ringing.

The film includes interviews with illustrious Yale graduate Senator John Kerry; legendary football coach and former Yale athletic director Carm Cozza; Dave Vogel (President of the U.S. Rowing Association and Yale’s Head Rowing Coach); a wide array of Yale administrators, students, and graduates; as well as a number of Olympians.


Myra Sadker Equity Award; Gracie Award (by the Foundation of American Women in Radio and Television); Women’s Sports Foundation Journalism Award. The Head of the Cuyahoga introduced a new trophy in 2006: The “CHRIS ERNST/A HERO FOR DAISY” TROPHY which will be awarded annually to the fast women’s eight at the Head of the Cuyahoga (Ohio).