I AM JANE DOE…a gripping legal thriller… orangeQuoteEsquire Magazine

Underwater Dreams is the most politically important film since Waiting for Superman… orangeQuoteJonathan Alter, The Daily Beast

Obama should arrange for TEN9EIGHT to be shown in every classroom in America. It is the most inspirational, heartwarming film you will ever see… orangeQuoteTom Friedman, The New York Times


I AM JANE DOE has catalyzed extraordinary activity, including the passage of new legislation in Congress (on a bipartisan basis), signed into law by President Trump. Click here for the bill signing.

Screened at the United Nations, discussed at the Vatican, and all points in between, this project has helped jump-start the national dialogue about responsibility for online harm. Now available on DVD, Vimeo, iTunes, and Netflix. For upcoming events, click here.


Click here to watch President Obama’s Introductory Remarks to Underwater Dreams.

Oscar Vazquez, featured in Underwater Dreams, joined First Lady Michelle Obama in her box for the President’s final State of the Union address. Click here for more information.

Screened at the White House, raising over $100 million dollars to fund STEM education for underserved youth.  Now available on DVD, iTunes, and online. For upcoming events, click here.

Wellesley College Film

To launch Wellesley College’s new capital campaign: click here.