Other Projects

50 Eggs has consulted on a number of film projects, including branding and original projects for Wellesley College, Babson College, The Massachusetts Department of Education, CVS, Hill | Holiday, Partners Healthcare, the Kauffman Foundation, and many others.

Wellesley College Film

We recently completed this film, along with a shorter version, for Wellesley College in connection with their $500 million dollar campaign launch. The full version features Hillary Clinton, Diane Sawyer, Madeleine Albright, Sue Wagner, Lulu Chow Wang, Cokie Roberts, Janet Hill, and other notable alumnae.

Babson College Spot

We recently completed this 60-second spot for Babson College in connection with their rebranding campaign.

Babson College – Entrepreneurs of All Kinds

50 Eggs worked on the visual assets for Babson College’s rebranding campaign, which included stories about Babson College alumni:  Bill Green (CEO of Accenture), Vinny Boles (a two star army general), Eric Hudson (grandson of the Brookstone founders and owner/founder of Preserve), Matt Chatham (former NFL star and founder of SkyCrepers LLC), and others.