Lemonade Stories

Lemonade Stories, which features Richard Branson (Virgin); Russell Simmons (Def Jam) along with brothers Danny and Revered Run (of Run DMC); Arthur Blank (The Home Depot); Kay Koplovitz (USA Network); Tom Scott (Nantucket Nectars), among others, examines the impact that mothers have on igniting entrepreneurial spirit in their children. The film was profiled in cover stories by USA Today, CNN Headline News, Christian Science Monitor, NPR, Forbes, Fast Company, Boston Globe, The Providence Journal, Bloomberg Radio, among others.

Lemonade Stories was broadcast nationwide, prime time on CNNfn – and was broadcast nationwide in the UK, Latin America, Israel, the Middle East, Hong Kong, and New Zealand. (C-SPAN also broadcast the film debut discussion panel.) Winner of the 1st Place Judge’s Commendation for Best Documentary at the Rhode Island International Film Festival.

The story of Eve Branson was featured in an Op-Ed written by Mary Mazzio for Time.com.

Run Time: 46 minutes.