“I cried at least 5 times” – Mike Wheeler, former head of Financial Network News

“I’d watch Lemonade Stories over Survivor any day…” – Lora Kolodny, Inc. Magazine

“Amazing is all I have to say about Lemonade Stories. I showed the [Arthur] Blank segment to my entrepreneurship class and they begged me to see the rest… – Heidi Neck, Professor of Entrepreneurship, Babson College

“We just love it…” – Ken Jautz, CNN and head of CNNfn

“the screening [here] was wildly successful… it will be passed around to teachers all over the state…” – Tim McClung, Entrepreneurship Center, University of Charleston

“Loved the film. What a great concept.. what I think I liked most was that none of them took credit for what their children did, they loved them, were present and available to them, led by example not tyranny – in this day of self-help books, shows, tapes – it was nice to see something that talked about  the value of just being human… Great work…” – Kelly Fallon, SVP- Hill Holliday

“I was blown away… ” – Ralph (Bud) Sorenson, former president, Babson College

“My favorite part of Lemonade Stories is when Russell Simmons tells the story of his mom giving him money when he was down, and Russell says. ‘It wasn’t the money that meant so much to me, it was that she believed in me.’ I gave a copy to my mom for mother’s day… we watched it together and I think her tears made it apparent it was my best mother’s day gift ever…” – Rob Crawford, Director of Development – The Park School

“Loved the film. LOVED IT. LOVED IT. LOVED IT.” – Morgan Zalkin, Good Morning America

“Your session [at the Price-Babson Symposium for Entrepreneurship Educators] was awesome…” – Jeffry Timmons, Founder, Price-Babson Program

“The teachers loved it. We are formally including this film into our economics curriculum for all 12th graders…” – Sally Farr, Katy Independent School District (Texas)

“I called my Mom from the parking lot to thank her… the movie really hammered home for me how much our children watch and learn from simply observing the actions of their parents. The courage that the mothers in the film showed, especially during times of crisis, really influenced the lives and attitudes of their children. I left the movie extremely moved and committed to being a courageous role model for my kids…” – Tracy Rude Smith, mom and Olympian

“I can’t begin to tell you what you’ve done… it was incredible…” – Jane Scott (mother of Tom Scott, co-founder, Nantucket Nectars)

“I watched Lemonade Stories last night and I have to tell you, I absolutely LOVED it. Kay Koplovitz’s mother was priceless and I cried my eyes out during Tom Scott’s dialogue about his mother. What GREAT stories.” – Katy Milmoe, Advertising Executive, EURO MVBMS Partners

“it deeply touched me… beautiful… one of the great films I’ve ever seen in business…” – Steve Mariotti, founder of NFTE (National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship)

“inspiring… ” – Arthur Blank, co-founder, The Home Depot

“Just brilliant… you are brilliant…” – Eve Branson, author and mother of Richard Branson

“It was great.. you did a wonderful job… thank you…”- Danny Simmons, co-founder of Def Poetry Jam

“Loved it. Very well produced and created. Great learning and great fun also. I was wondering if Brazil is in any of your plans…” – Bob Wollheim, founder of e-labSSJ, San Paulo, Brazil

“My family really enjoyed the film… I got a real kick out of Art Blank’s mom and Richard Branson’s, too.” – Kay Koplovitz, co-founder of USA Network and first woman to be president of a network

“I screened the Tom Scott and Kelly Reinhart segments to 70 6th graders. I wasn’t sure how they’d respond, but they loved it.” – Andrea Thies, 6th grade teacher

“Mary, in making this documentary, really opened up my eyes as to how interesting and significant this topic is… it’s not a trite thing, it’s a powerful thing and very real… ” – Tom Scott, co-founder Nantucket Nectars

“I would not have missed this day for the world.” – Dorothy Lundberg, Tom Scott’s grandmother

“wonderful…” – Mark Starr, Newsweek- Boston Bureau Chief

“Great story. Jane Smith is an absolute hoot!!” – John Kelley, EVP – Imagitas

“Loved it. You rock the house.” – Mark Young, Communications Counsel, partners+Simons

“Thoroughly enjoyable… fun to watch… great stories. I loved Nantucket Nectars and Branson – his mother was so cute.” – Ed Harding, Channel 5 News Anchor

“My parents were born in Cuba and I’m a first generation American. The relationship I have with my folks is profoundly strong and special. Both are my best friends, mentors, and strongest unconditional supporters… so to see others living life and sharing their love for life as Mary does through her movies makes me smile for hours… As my mom always taught me that kindness goes a very long way, I wanted to let her know the special trickle down effect her efforts have had on me alone… ” – Angie Farinas, CPA

“LOVED it.” – Brian Sullivan, Bloomberg News

“I had the privilege of being able to attend the premiere today. As a filmmaker, I kept thinking, “Wow, I wish I had thought of this idea. As a parent, I kept thinking, “Man, I hope I let my kids grow up right and challenge them.” – CC Chapman, co-founder Random Foo Pictures

“It was the most inspiring thing I have seen in a long long time…” – Luke O’Neill, founder of Shackleton Schools

“we are all jammed into a conference room laughing and tearing up over LEMONADE and APPLE PIE. thank you! – Derrick Wood, VP/Creative Director Staples

Terrific” – Ed Joyce, co-founder, Frame Shop

“Wonderful” – Pam Cross, News Anchor, Channel 5

“Your movie was very touching. I loved it.” – Lauren Silva, Wellesley High School Student

Lemonade Stories will be the backbone of my children’s education…” – Jose Cattani, Symposium for Entrepreneurship Educators participant

“I even cried … but you can’t print my name because no one will ever go out with me for beers again…” – unidentified male college student, Anytown, USA

“My mom’s movie is called Lemonade Stories. It was fun. The movie was at Babson.” – Jamie Mazzio-Manson, Book Report

“Best film I have ever seen… you are a genius” – the unbiased view of the film maker’s mother, Paula Mazzio