The Apple Pushers

Emotionally, the film packs a wallop…”

– Tracie McMillan, The Atlantic

“The Apple Pushers could be this year’s Waiting for Superman…”

– Sean O’Connell, Cinema Blend

“Mary Mazzio, a filmmaker who documented the stories of several vendors struggling to make a go of it, as well as the political battle to start the Green Cart program in a film titled The Apple Pushers, noted that “seeing these first-time entrepreneurs slowly begin realizing a vision for a better life through the mechanism of a push cart” struck her as a story that “crossed the generations.”

– David Bornstein, The New York Times

“In this fascinating and engaging film, writer/director Mary Mazzio takes the viewer into the worlds of pushcarts in New York, immigration, the American dream, nutrition (or lack thereof) in certain neighborhoods and laborious administrative process and shows how those things all converge in the stories of five individuals.”

– Nancy Colasurdo, Fox Business

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