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"The movie is Underwater Dreams… Order it now!"

- Stephen Colbert, The Colbert Report. Stephen interviews Mary Mazzio and Oscar Vazquez on The Colbert Report.

"The awards-worthy “Underwater Dreams” is by turns rousing and heartbreaking, and organically touches on important social issues"

- Michael Ordoña, The San Francisco Chronicle

"Those scraggly Latino kids on the corner you might think are thugs could be the next Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg if given half a chance. To understand why that's more than a platitude, check out Underwater Dreams, a seemingly modest human interest film that may be the most politically significant documentary since Waiting for Superman…"

- Jonathan Alter, The Daily Beast.

"The year is just half over, but already a contender for best documentary of 2014 is looming with Mary Mazzio’s Underwater Dreams. What starts out as a high-school competition study—compelling enough on its own, as so many of these like-themed films are—pulls a breathtaking fast one in its second half, expanding its basic inspirational theme to embrace an even larger message, with an organic efficacy that is nothing short of astonishing."

- David Noh, Film Journal.

"Moving and insightful… a telling snapshot of our nation’s class and cultural divide."

- Gary Goldstein, The Los Angeles Times.

"Modest yet meaningful, “Underwater Dreams” has a political point of view, shining light on underground Americans who deserve recognition…. starkly reinforces this film's contribution to a continuing dialogue."

- David Dewitt, The New York Times.

Ten9Eight Shoot for the MoonSee All Reviews

"Obama should arrange for this movie to be shown in every classroom in America. It is the most inspirational, heartwarming film you will ever see…"

- Tom Friedman, New York Times. Read the Article

"Forget the Blindside, see Ten9Eight"

- Carl Franzen, The Atlantic. Read the Article

"I found this film inspiring… it should be compulsory viewing in high schools around the country… what I loved about it was the way the stories are told and how moving it was…"

- LA film critic, Lael Lowenstein, Variety, speaking on NPR. Listen to the Full Review

"very well made piece…If every teenager were as charming, smart, funny and well-spoken as these, the world would be a better place"

- Mike Hale, New York Times. Read the Full Review

"Why You Should Watch Mary Mazzio’s New Documentary… The big takeaway from Mary Mazzio’s powerful new documentary, Ten9Eight, is clear: entrepreneurship skills training for at-risk teens will increase the odds they stay in school."

- Nick Leiber, Business Week. Read the Article

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Emotionally, the film packs a wallop..."

- Tracie McMillan, The Atlantic. Read the Article.

"This is a wonderful film… it is inspiring and central to a lot of key issues the Administration is captivated by… This film weaves the challenges of food production and immigration so beautifully."

- Kathleen Merrigan, Deputy Secretary, US Department of Agriculture

"The Apple Pushers could be this year's Waiting for Superman..."

– Cinema Blend Read the Blog


- Pat Battle, Co-Anchor, NBC's Weekend Today in New York. Watch the clip.

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"a landmark film"

- Martha Ackmann, New York Times. Read the Review


- John Walters, Sports Illustrated. Read the Review


- TV Guide



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"warm and illuminating…told with deftness and emotion…priceless"

- Richard Sandomir, New York Times. Read the Review


- Bill Littlefield, NPR


- Larry Stewart, Los Angeles Times


- Miles O’Brien, CNN

An Entertainment Weekly and TV Guide recommended pick

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"With a mother like his, no wonder Richard Branson became an entrepreneurial dynamo…the film raises critical questions that experts are debating more than ever…"

- Jim Hopkins, USA Today – Cover Story. Read the Article.

"The film brings out what can never really be shown on a business spreadsheet."

- Stacy Teicher, Christian Science Monitor. Read the Article.

"This is as good as it gets..."

- Al Mayers, Bloomberg Radio

"It blew me away..."

- George T. Marshall, Executive Director, Rhode Island International Film Festival

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